Narnia for a Night
   By: / Calhoun, GA / By Sarah Lewis  

This past Wednesday night, even if it was only for a few hours, Calhoun, Gordon County, and most of north Georgia was transformed into a winter wonderland. All day Wednesday I was sure we'd dodged the winter weather bullet; that what was happening weather-wise was for those south and east of us. We'd be sitting out this round of dancing, which left me happy as well as disappointed. I was happy that the possibility of losing power wouldn't become an uncomfortable reality, but deep in my most private thoughts, I wanted snow. Secretly, I love snow. Being born and raised southern, when it comes to the magic white stuff, I want it on my terms. I want it during the week so I'll have extra days with my kids, with power on, so that we're warm, and so I don't have to be overly creative with our menu. And, like any good houseguest, it will be out and gone within three days and all we'll be left with are fond memories of its' visit.

So, when I saw reports of no school on Thursday, I thought, hmm… wonder if they'll regret giving them another day? But assuming that today's rain could be tomorrow's ice, I figured it was probably better to be safe than sorry. Plus, I'm not going to second-guess a day at home with my kids, with no schedule to keep. There's nothing I love more.

Around 5:00 it was as if a giant slush puppie machine in the sky opened up. Within an hour, big, huge, beautiful snowflakes were falling, and I started to get excited as did my children. Although we were all leery of getting over-confident of the snow fall. This is the south, after all. Was it even cold enough for the snow to stick?  After about an hour conditions were beginning to morph right before our eyes, and with it, our excitement.  We decided we'd better eat, since we'd already seen ice forming on the power lines. Risk could quickly become reality: no power, no lights, no heat, and a cold supper besides.

Soon after 7:00, we were out playing, taking pictures, and enjoying standing in the snow showers. As we ventured out to see what our neighborhood looked like, my daughter's jaw dropped. "Mom," she said in whispery wonder, the awe evident in her voice. "It's like we're in Narnia; everything is so white, and it's all so beautiful." She had nailed it perfectly. Thank you, C.S. Lewis. The pictures you painted with words were now, and will be forever more, real for her. We decided to venture out around our neighborhood, to see what the wonderland that we call home looked like. I quickly made space on my camera card for a few (okay… a LOT more) pictures.  As we headed out, my daughter decided which of the four main characters we each could be, and we marveled in the beauty that had been created.

I quickly realized that we needed to go to town, provided my hubby was willing. Since I'm a southern girl, I understand that I don't know how to drive in ice and snow. So I don't. But he was agreeable; any reason to use four-wheel drive, and he's ready.  Downtown was beautiful. Exquisite. Magical. Yet another transformed land that was almost picture perfect. It was peaceful and pretty, all covered in its blanket of snow, almost like stepping back into yesteryear. Norman Rockwell would probably find inspiration at the sight of our downtown. We were all so glad we'd been able to savor it.

I know many homes lost power, but it seems that most of us were ready, and it was really more of an adventure. A reason to do things differently, more than anything else. It would also seem that this storm was a perfect houseguest, since the bulk of the snow had melted away before we headed to bed on Thursday night. Mother Nature had other stops to make, others to visit.  Meanwhile, our Narnia for a night was practically perfect.

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