Less for Me Please!
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New Years Resolutions

Why? Whatís the purpose? Who started this anyway? Is it really worth the time and effort? Do they work or do they set us up for failure? Studies show that most people will abandon their resolutions by the end of the 1st month.  Thatís it, 4 weeks is tops for most people. Thatís all that they have in them to resolve to change or improve themselves or their lives.

I confess that most years I havenít bothered with a new years resolution, it seemed like a big fuss or hype more than anything else.  However over the last few years I have attempted the one word challenge introduced by a blogger a few years ago. She challenged her readers to pick one word for the new year and apply it to as many areas of your life as possible. This one word is to help define your year, give it direction. You can choose any word but only one, just one word to guide your actions.  Words like hope, light, reflection, rest, renew or beauty, you get the idea. How you apply the word is also up to you. Where do you need hope or beauty in your life?

Seems easy enough, but when you really stop to truly consider which one word would have the most impact or is most needed in your life, choosing becomes difficult. What needs changing or improving in your life or that of your family and how can one word help you get there? What is it that you want the new year to hold and why? Suddenly one word is now pretty important.

After a lot of reflection of how the last year had been my one word presented itself to me and I could not argue, I knew that my one word had found me.


Yes, Less is my one word for 2013. Less stuff, less stress, less debt, less worry, less of the things and trappings that tie us down. All of this less has me hopeful that our family can have more. More time for each otherÖmore time to relax and enjoy life. I want less clutter to take care of and clean and more time and energy for our family. Less processed foods and more real foods.  Less take out and more home cooking. Less time with things that take away from our family and more time for activities that we enjoy or want to try.

Iíve chosen a biggie for our family and myself; thankfully I have all year to meet the challenge of less.

Yes, I want less this year!

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